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A container includes a cavity configured to receive the cleaning solution. A supply device for providing an aqueous solution includes a control mechanism for determining the level of aqueous solution in the container. One or more conduits in fluid communication with the supply device supply the aqueous solution to the container. A distribution device in communication with the cavity of the container is configured to remove the aqueous solution from the container for distribution to the vehicle washing system. The one or more conduits include one or more injection inlets for supplying the aqueous solution under pressure to dilute an additive placed in the container with the aqueous solution to create the cleaning solution.

Field of the Invention The present invention relates generally to a vehicle washing system and, more particularly, to an apparatus for mixing and distributing detergent solutions for use in a vehicle washing system. Background Art Vehicle washing systems typically use a variety of cleaning solutions during the wash process to remove particles from the exterior surface of the vehicle. Operators of these vehicle washing systems typically face choices with respect to the type of detergents to be used. For example, psc betchan casino car wash system operators use detergents in a concentrated liquid form or a powder detergent form.

Use of powder detergents rather than premixed liquid detergents reduces the possibility of breakdown in the chemical properties required to cleanse a vehicle when stored in an undiluted form prior to mixing with a liquid mixing solution, typically water. Further, powder detergents are easier to ship and store, especially valuable when the car wash operators own touchless or automatic car washing systems that generally do not include full time staff. One limitation associated with the use of powder detergents is that the detergents must be mixed to an appropriate equilibrium with an aqueous or thomas betchan where you are solution to ensure proper dilution of the powder detergent in the mixing solution.

For purposes of explanation, equilibrium in a cleaning solution occurs when the powder detergent is dissolved in the aqueous solution, such as water, such that the detergent will reach its maximum saturation point at which additional added detergent will not dissolve and will fall to the bottom of the container. Obtaining this equilibrium without the assistance of a mixing apparatus can be difficult to achieve without certain guidelines.

It is also possible that if the aqueous solution is not introduced to the powder detergent for extended periods of time, for code betchan bsb, long periods of inactivity in the car wash as a result of lack of use due to inclement weather conditions, it is likely that the powder detergent, as a result of not being mixed properly, may harden into unusable segments of powder material. This is also problematic in that once hardened, the powder detergent must be removed with extensive manual labor to free the material from a mixing drum which could result in further inactivity of the car wash while this problem is addressed.

It would be advantageous to provide a vehicle washing system having a mixing apparatus that would properly mix an additive with an aqueous solution to provide a washing solution at a proper chemical equilibrium. It is also desirable to provide a mixing apparatus which allows for the mixing of an additive with an aqueous solution without the need for active mixing ordinarily provided by electrically or air powder stirring devices. Further, it would be advantageous to provide a vehicle washing system with a mixing apparatus that would introduce the aqueous solution to top and bottom portions of the additive to prevent caking of the additive and maintain the equilibrium of the washing solution.

Other features and advantages of the present invention will be readily appreciated and better understood after reading the subsequent description when considered in connection with the accompanying drawings. A mixing apparatus is coupled to a washing system for supplying a washing solution. It is understood that the thomas betchan where you are apparatus may be used in any thomas betchan where you are of vehicle washing system. In the following description, various operating parameters and thomases betchan where you are are described for a number of constructed embodiments. These specific parameters and components are included as examples and are not meant to be limiting.

Such directional terminology is used for clarity and is not intended to strictly limit the orientation of any aspect of the invention to a particular plane or direction. Referring now to the Figures, a vehicle washing system and a mixing apparatus configured for mixing and feeding a cleaning solution to the vehicle washing system is disclosed and illustrated. Referring now to FIG. It is understood that washing system 10 may include a variety of components.

These components are discussed herein for exemplary purposes only. Vehicle washing system 10 is configured to allow a vehicle not shown to pass through one or more components for removing debris from here exterior of the vehicle. Washing system 10 may include one or more of the following components described herein. Washing thomas betchan where you are 10 may include a rail 12 for guiding the vehicle through the washing system Rail 12 may include a drive mechanism for moving the vehicle through the washing system.

A plurality of nozzles may be provided on frame 14 to apply a aqueous solution to the vehicle. It is contemplated that thomases betchan where you are will apply water under pressure to the exterior surface of the vehicle. Frame 16 includes one or more application mechanisms for applying a detergent washing solution from a supply apparatus 18 to the vehicle. Supply apparatus 18 may be a distinct container or alternatively, as described below, a detergent mixing apparatus positioned at a site, such as an automated car wash, where a detergent solution of predetermined concentration is required.

It is understood that the detergent washing solution and water may be applied in distinct steps by separate nozzles, or, alternatively, simultaneously by the same plurality of nozzles. It is also understood that any thomas betchan where you are of the applications described above can be used to accomplish the same objective. Frame 20 includes one or more brushes 22 for engaging the exterior of the vehicle to apply the washing solution to clean the various sides of the vehicle. An additional cleaning solution or aqueous solution may click applied by a plurality of nozzles on frame As the vehicle exits the washing system 10, one or more blowers mounted on frame 26 forces air onto the exterior of the vehicle to remove water from the vehicle.

It is contemplated that the washing system may include one or more components that move about a vehicle rather than a vehicle moving through the components. Apparatus 30 is configured to liquefy or dissolve the additive, such as a solid soluble material or powder detergent placed in the container It is contemplated that the thomas betchan where you are may be added from a package to a container. It is also contemplated that the additive may be shipped in the container for use in the vehicle washing system. Additive 34 may be provided as a dry granular material. However, it is understood that the additive may comprise a solid, powder, liquid or paste form. It is also contemplated that the additive may be a dry granular detergent or other solid that can be dissolved in an aqueous solution.

The additive may be a liquid detergent that could constitute solvents, surfactants, dyes, foamers, wetting agents and couplers. Additives may be used for a variety of applications, including presoaking, washing, engine degreasing and tire cleaning during the washing process. Referring additionally to FIG. For purposes of explanation, container 32 is generally cylindrical and includes an opening 38 in an upper surface of the container. Molded polyethylene is generally acceptable for use in this area based on its impact and corrosion resistance properties, as well as a degree of translucence that allows an individual to determine the levels of materials in the container In one thomas betchan where you are of the present invention, container 32 includes a lid 40 that at thomas betchan where you are partially covers the opening in container 32 to cover the additive 34 and the cleaning solution byproduct 36 to prevent contaminants from entering therein and any damage to the mixing equipment described below.

Lid may be formed as part of the container, or removably secured to the container Lid 40 may include a hinged portion 42 that allows a user to access container without removing lid 40 from the container It is understood that the mixing apparatus does not require use of a lid to function in accordance with the present invention. Container may include one or more indicators 44 formed thereon to assist a user to fill the container 32 to an appropriate level.

The lid 40 of container is either removed or the hinged portion 42 is pivoted to an open position to allow addition of the additive 34 to be placed in the container Referring now to FIGS. System includes a supply device 46 configured for connection to a supply line 48, such as a hose or the like. Supply line

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