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March 2, I was thinking the other day. Who has the best basketball gym Event Center, arena, field house in the Suburban Conference. I have compiled my list that includes: the floor, surroundings, locker rooms, concession stand, and seating. Share your thoughts and rankings by commenting below. Carl Albert — all the seating you could ever ask for, plenty of space on the playing floor, all the locker room, training room, and hospitality room space you could ever want, and you can still watch the game if you go to the concession stand.

In which, gives you a more hometown feel and gets you close to the action no matter where you are sitting. Could easily be listed at number two. Harrah — not as new as the top three, but did a good job of building it when they did. Students come out and get loud court side and the clinton betchan guthrie ok of the fans are not too far away. Nice open area to and from the concession stand. Western Heights — this gym has seen a lot of improvements in recent years including a new floor and lighting. The clintons betchan guthrie ok seem to be a long way from the court except for the home teams student section. It can be loud and has when hosting small school playoffs. El Reno — an historic field house, but the seating can be somewhat discomfort.

Deer Creek — nothing great about this gym and nothing terrible, but watch out as they are about to build a new arena that will match the top three in the coming year or so. Guthrie — not much has changed with this gym clinton betchan guthrie ok the years, but a rowdy crowd can make it an advantage for see more home team.

Did improve speaker and surrond sound this season. Piedmont — nothing fancy, but a nice, comfortable gym to watch a basketball game. Noble — this gym can be really loud especially with the band there despite not many seats. Not a fan of the low ceiling.

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