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Betchan 34 - sportbet betchan

I have requested my withdrawal and waiting for processing 11, XXX pm What?! One week ago my winnings was accepted and paid, today not. XXX pm So, why you accept deposits from me? Why you accepted my winings week go and paid? Whats the difference between me and player? Support Agent 2 pm The betchan 34 are automatic and we cannot follow every deposit from betchan 34 players and affiliates. This is the responsibility of the person to follow the rules of the casino. Or you can be a player and then we will not have any issues. XXX pm Thats not fair Support Agent 2 pm We will look into this issue once betchan 34.

I will transfer your request to higher management. And tomorrow you will be contacted via e-mail. XXX pm Please take it very seriously, since I have no time to fight on this topic long Support Agent betchan rules pm We sure take our reputation and players seriously. I hope we will come to a mutual understanding! XXX pm I'm honest and reliable and want to betchan 34 treated the same way I'm saving this chat to further action Support Agent 2 pm Sure, this is your right.

You will be contacted tomorrow by the e-mail. Hopefully the situation will be fixed! XXX pm.

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