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Generation No. Burial: Crescent Cem. He married Mabel Wagner 03 Feb She was born 28 Marand died 30 Dec in Crescent, Ok. Children of John Tontz and Mabel Wagner are: 7 i. Elisabeth Rosene Tontz, born 25 Mar ; died 28 Jul Louise B. She married 1 Paul Brouchand. She married 2 Bert Billings. She married 3 Thomas Peacock Jun He died Edith5 Peacock, born 26 Dec ; died 10 Oct Ethel Peacock, born 14 Sep Orval Frank Peacock, born 02 Nov ; died click to see more Mar Melvin Mick Peacock, born 29 Dec He married 1 Nona Bell Nov He married 2 Bertra Standley Feb Mae Peacock, born 15 Oct Helen Peacock, born 04 Sep ; died 18 Nov She married 1 Glenn Black.

She married 2 H. Eloise Peacock, born 22 Jul ; died 06 Apr She married Benjamin Frank Sanderson 25 Oct He was born 13 Sepand died 17 Jul in Guthrie, Ok. Ada Mae5 Sanderson, born 04 Oct ; died 30 Marilyn betchan pond creek ok Hazel Ida Sanderson, born 06 Sep ; died marilyn betchan pond creek ok Oct She married Joe Pitts 03 Feb ; born 15 Aug She married Bert Beery He was born 26 Sepand died Children of Elizabeth Tontz and Bert Beery are: 37 i. Edna Marie5 Beery, born 02 Sep ; died 23 Dec She married Homer Phillips 15 Oct ; died 26 Jun Claude Mutt Beery, born 31 Aug ; died 13 Dec Martha Beery, born 17 Nov ; died 07 Nov Ralph Beery, born 13 May ; died 10 Oct Howard Beery, born 02 Apr ; died 19 Sep He married Bernie Finley 14 Dec She was born 02 Aug Martenia Tontz, born 16 Marilyn betchan pond creek ok in Logan Co.

She married Henry Vynon Hester 21 Nov He was born 29 Aprand died 05 Jan in Arlington, Vir. He married Caroline Ann Tucker 02 Feb He married Vivian Ransford 23 Jun She was born 06 Feband died 02 Oct Joyce6 Tontz, born 21 Aug in Crescent, Ok. Ruth Tontz, born 16 Dec in Crescent, Ok. Rosalie Tontz, born 01 Jan in Crescent, Ok. He married Jeanette Reid 10 Mar She was born 10 Marand died 05 Dec in California. Stephen6 Tontz, born 13 Dec marilyn betchan pond creek ok Lyn Tontz, born 06 Aug Debbie Read more, born 09 Jul She married Lenny Marlborough 18 Oct He married Hazel Del Crothers 10 Jun He married Jessie Irene Mosier 20 Nov Dorothy6 Tontz, born 01 Jul ; died 17 Nov She married George Airehart.

Agnes Rose Tontz, born here May ; died She married Corbett Roy Gooch 12 Apr Children marilyn betchan pond creek ok Minnie Tontz and Corbett Gooch are: 63 i. Elsie M. Roy E. Gooch, born 20 Mar ; died 13 Aug Floyd L. Gooch, born 04 Dec ; died 20 Mar Loyd Elmer Gooch, born 12 Apr She married 1 James Roy Dodd 09 Mar He was born 19 Dec in Plaskie, Tn. She married 2 Alva Dodd 14 Sep He died 04 Apr He married Lorinda Ham 15 Mar

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