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May 18, guthriesportspage 1 comment They say you will always remember the first one, but for the Guthrie BlueJay track team the second will not be a distant colin betchan either. Earlier in the day, the same Jays were awarded the Academic State Championship. A year ago, the Jays won by 38 points for their first ever track state championship. Senior Chaunsey Dumas and junior Emmanuel Robinson came away as colin betchan winners.

Dumas took the top spot in the meter dash in Robinson took the spot in the meter dash Dumas Robinson also finished third in the intermediate hurdles and is now a 2-time winner in the hurdles and will be the colin betchan again next season. Perhaps the most expected outcome of the state meet was the Jays 4 x relay team. The real question was what will the second team time be. Last year, Guthrie won the relay race in a time of Colin betchan four Guthrie members set a school record earlier this season, in Edmond, with a time of In the meter run, Ogan ran a Ogan then finished third overall in the run Hunter Sallee colin betchan sixth with a colin betchan of Jays sophomore Zac Brown had two fourth place finishes in the shot put and discus.

Brown there the shot put promo code betchan the https://asu-hbcu.org/News/no-deposit-codes-for-betchan.php Washington, 31; 7, McAlester, Washington Justin Hughes Duncan Isaac Dyer Collinsville Tyler Butcher Claremore Washington, Ray Wolber Bishop Kelley Long jump: 1, Isaac Bennett B. Stanvon Taylor East Central Will Starr Noble Qumain Black Ada Jared Griffin Duncan

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