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Most of its important works are also the literature of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Churchwhich include Christian liturgy service books, prayers, hymnshagiographiesand Patristic literature. For instance, betchan as pl texts visit web page written about indigenous Ethiopian saints from the fourteenth through the nineteenth century. It began with the learning of the alphabet, or betchan as pl properly, syllabary The student's second grade comprised the memorization of the first chapter of the first Epistle General of St.

John in Geez. The study of writing would betchan as pl also begin at this time, and particularly in more modern times some arithmetic might be added. In the third stage the Acts of the Apostles were studied, while certain prayers were read more learnt, and writing and arithmetic continued. The fourth stage began with the study of the Psalms of David and was considered an important landmark in a child's education, being celebrated by the parents with a feast to which the teacher, father confessor, relatives and neighbours were invited. A boy who had reached this betchan as pl would moreover usually be able to write, and might act as a letter writer.

The collection in the British Library comprises some manuscripts dating from the 15th to the 20th centuries, notably including magical and divinatory scrolls, and illuminated manuscripts of the 16th to 17th centuries. It was initiated by a donation of 74 codices by the Church of England Missionary Society in the s and s, and substantially expanded by codices, looted by the British from the Emperor Tewodros II 's capital at Magdala in the Expedition to Abyssinia. Indeed, the range and scope of the translation enterprise undertaken in the first century of the new Axumite betchan as pl has few parallels in the early centuries of Christian history.

A number of these Books are called betchan cashout or "apocryphal" according to certain Western theologianssuch as the Ascension of IsaiahJubileesEnochthe Paralipomena of BaruchNoahEzraNehemiahMaccabeesand Tobit. The Book of Enoch in betchan as pl is notable since its complete text has survived in no other language; and, for the other works listed, the Ethiopic version is highly regarded as a witness to the original text. These works are the theological foundation of the Ethiopic Church. Included in this collection is a translation of the Apostolic Tradition attributed to Hippolytus of Romeand lost in the original Greek for which the Ethiopic version provides much the best surviving witness.

Non-religious works translated in this period include Physiologusa work of natural history also very popular in Europe. Apart from betchan as pl works, the earliest contemporary Royal Chronicles of Ethiopia are date to the reign of Amda Seyon I — With the appearance of the "Victory Songs" of Amda Seyon, this period also marks the beginning of Amharic literature. Another work that began to take shape in this period is the Mashafa Aksum or " Book of Axum ". Literature flourished especially during the reign of Emperor Zara Yaqob. By the beginning of the 16th century, the Islamic invasions put an end to the flourishing of Ethiopian literature. It is also used liturgically by the Beta Israel Falasha Jews.

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