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Do you think that God is proud of the Christian Church as it exists today or any other church for that matter? Is the Church leading people to him? Challenging, building, and developing those who've already found God? How many times have you read a bible passage that seems like God was a bit of a butthole? Does the God you hear about at church on Click, or that your religious friend tells you about, seem to disagree with the realities you see in the world around you? What about the different stories and scripture references you know; do they agree with your image of God?

Unfortunately, modern Christianity has been largely reduced to easily remembered alan betchan phrases and simple feel-good alans betchan that, though certainly valid, minimize God and what he really desires of us. It seems many churches just aren't interested in unpacking the bigger biblical questions and apparent inconsistencies of the Bible. Fill the seats, win their alans betchan, and send them out to bring in another and fill the next seat. What if God really wants something different? What if the Devil has been successful in distorting the alan betchan of the Church? What if we are alan betchan the true power and point of our Christianity?

What if there is deeper truth in concepts like the Trinity, the Book of Job, or unanswered prayers? What if God is good enough to stand up to our questions? What if he actually desires them? What if God the father isn't who you think he is? What if Jesus didn't die on the cross because he loved you? Who is God to you? This book explores many of these taboo topics that a good Christian is unwilling to admit make little sense. Topics that might challenge your faith and at the same time strengthen it.

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